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Have you been arrested or charged with DUI, cocaine possession or sale, marijuana possession or sale, domestic violence, firearm assault, fraud, a sex crime, or any other charge in the Panama City or Panama City Beach areas? I will aggressively defend you against charges such as DUI, drugs, sex crimes, violence, disorderly conduct, fraud, theft, or any other charge you face. I have over twenty years of experience with the criminal justice system and knowledge of how the legal systems work in the Panama City area.

I can assemble aggressive defense lawyers against any charge from a simple misdemeanor to murder and I offer extensive availability for any questions, concerns or issues you might have.

We Offer a Free Consultation with a Lawyer to discuss the charges you face. Contact J. Karl Trucks today for experienced representation against any Panama City area legal charges. Call our team today at 850-230-5550, or send us an email to arrange a free initial consultation with our lawyer to discuss the charges you face. One call to our Panama City defense lawyer puts the experience of J. Karl Trucks on your side.

We Understand the Legal Systems in the Panama City and Panama City Beach Areas, and can guide through your entire legal matter.


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