Drug Offenses

If you have been investigated or arrested in the Panama City or Panama City Beach areas for drug possession, drug sale, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, possession or illegal distribution of prescription drugs, possession of a controlled substance, marijuana possession or sale, methamphetamine (meth) possession or sale, cocaine possession or sale, heroin possession or sale, crack possession or sale, drug paraphernalia, or any type of drug charge, you need an experienced drug crime defense lawyer. We have a great deal of experience defending drug charges, and if any funds or property have been confiscated by the authorities, our law firm can also help with your asset forfeiture proceedings. Confiscation of funds or property is often abused following drug arrests with claims based on little or no evidence, and our experienced team is here to help protect your interests.

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Drug crimes and drug charges in the Panama City and Panama City Beach areas are aggressively pursued by police, prosecutors and courts. Variations in drug quantity and intent, such as possession with intent to distribute cocaine or marijuana, rather than simple possession for use, determine the severity of the charge. Drug charges are VERY serious - you need a lawyer who has a lot of experience with drug charges. Our lawyers have experience with almost every type of drug charge, including cocaine possession and sale, marijuana possession and sale, controlled substance, illegal prescription drugs, ecstasy possession and sale, methamphetamine (meth), and other drug charges.

At J. Karl Trucks our lawyers aggressively represent the rights of people who have been arrested for a variety of drug and narcotics charges. Our lawyers successful approach to winning your freedom and putting the crisis behind you has been well established.

Put Our Lawyers Experience Defending Drug Charges on Your Side

Our lawyers acquired their knowledge of how the Panama City legal system works from their years of experience as former prosecutors and defense attorneys. We have experience in prosecuting and defending people charged with crimes and know how police officers, investigators, prosecutors and courts operate in the Panama City area, the tactics they use, what you can expect, and how to get results. Our positive relationship with law enforcement, the prosecution, and the courts can make a difference in your case. We can put over a half century of combined experience to work for you. Our lawyers provide clients with services such as:

  • Cocaine Possession Sale Trafficking or Intent to Distribute Cocaine Lawyer Panama City
  • Marijuana Possession Sale Trafficking or Intent to Distribute Marijuana Panama City Lawyer
  • Possession Controlled Substance Lawyer Panama City
  • Intent to Distribute Controlled Substance Lawyer Panama City
  • Drug Trafficking Panama City Attorney
  • Drug Possession Lawyer Panama City
  • Drug Sale Panama City Lawyer
  • Drug Distribution or Intent to Distribute Panama City Attorney
  • Drug Manufacturing Lawyer Panama City
  • Methamphetamine (meth) Possession Sale Trafficking or Intent to Distribute Methamphetamine (meth) Panama City Lawyer
  • Heroin Possession Sale Trafficking or Intent to Distribute Heroin Lawyer Panama City
  • Crack Possession Sale Trafficking or Intent to Distribute Crack Lawyer Panama City
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Panama City Lawyer
  • MDMA (Ecstasy) Possession Sale Trafficking or Intent to Distribute MDMA (Ecstasy) Panama City Attorney
  • Illegal Prescription Drug Fraud Lawyer Panama City

In addition to our trial defense practice, we can handle an appeal of your conviction or sentence.


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