Violation of Probation / Violation of Community Control

Have you been arrested for probation violation or violation of community control in the Panama City area? Do you need an experienced lawyer to help you reinstate your probation status, submit a plea or negotiate your bond?

Our veteran team has helped many clients with probation violation proceedings. We offer our comprehensive knowledge of the probation system and complete dedication to meeting your legal needs.

Depending on the nature of your alleged probation violation, we may be able to contact the probation officer and prevent a filing of any violation. We can also attempt to negotiate a bond to allow you to be released from jail if you are arrested.

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Put Our Probation Violation Experience on Your Side

Our law firm's senior partner was elected six times to serve Florida's citizens as the State Attorney, the chief elected official in charge of prosecuting cases in the six county region surrounding and including the Panama City area. We know how prosecutors train and operate and will work to protect your rights and freedom. If you are seeking a modification of your probation arrangement, we will work to get the results that you need.

Our successful lawyers have excelled for many years by representing clients on probation in the Panama City area in matters such as:

  • Technical violations
  • New law violations
  • Absconding
  • Violations of community control
  • Positive drug tests
  • Modifications of supervision
  • Early termination

At a Violation of Probation (VOP) proceeding, the state no longer has to prove whether you committed the original offense for which you are on probation. You're no longer entitled to a jury of your peers. Your judge will decide whether a violation has occurred. We will research the circumstances that led to your conviction and devise strategies to defend against your alleged probation violation.

The penalties for probation violations are serious. If your probation is terminated for even the most minor technical violation, you could be sentenced to be incarcerated for the maximum amount of time allowed by law for the charge that originally resulted in your probation. For example, if you received six months' probation for a plea of no contest or guilty to a third degree felony such as burglary, you could be sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison if you are found to have violated the terms of your probation.

Serious consequences require immediate action. If you believe that you are subject to an outstanding warrant for a probation violation, or your probation or community control officer is investigating you, contact us in Panama City immediately at 850-230-5550.

At J. Karl Trucks, we can put experience on your side if you've been arrested on a probation violation. We look forward to meeting you during your free initial consultation. We can provide Spanish language interpretation for your convenience.


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